Homecoming 2009

This is not a stamping related post but a proud mom post. While I was out of town the High School had their Homecoming Parade, Football game and dance.  My oldest, Kyle, has not been interested in the Homecoming festivities or dance and has yet to ask a girl out on a date – he will be 18 soon.  So not only do I have a house full of boys up until now none of them have brought home a girl for a date either.  But this week – while I was away – that changed.  Not for Kyle, but for Tyler my 16 year old.  He went to the Homecoming dance with a girl – not only that but she came over and ate dinner at our house on Thursday night (grandma came over to cook).  And I missed it all – can you believe it – finally another girl in the house and I am on my girls visit.  Anyway – it was a successful event and here are a few pictures of Tyler and Haley that Greg took for me.

tyler1 tyler2tyler3Tyler went with Haley and three of her friends to dinner before the dance.

I’m catching up on all of my email and snail mail while I was away.  I had 4 Stampin’ Up! boxes delivered today – so I’m going through those orders.

Scrapbook class is THIS Wednesday – a week early!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a stamping project.

Have a great day!



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