Doin’ the Happy Dance!!

Oh my!  I’m doin’ the Happy Dance!  You can all dance with me.  Did you see the thermometer?

Look it went over the top!!  With all of your help I have earned my first incentive trip!  I’m so excited.  Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You!

I will be getting emails out to everyone that took part in my 55 orders campaign really soon.  And I’ll be planning a celebration party and give you the details on that, and free class passes, and more.  I placed my final orders today – and that should put me over the top.  I called Stampin’ Up! just to ask if they saw it the same way I did.  And tomorrow the reports should show that I earned enough points to go on the Get-a-way trip.  Thank you to Colleen, Jamie, Wanda, and Claire for your orders.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone I’ve been trying to add the thank you’s to my posts each day.  It’s been an exciting ride these past few weeks with both ups and downs.  I honestly wasn’t sure that I could do this.  But with all of your help I did and that is just amazing and I thank you so much!

Have a great weekend!  I have more Artisan projects to share next week, some new cards, a couple of fun scrapbook layouts we made today and a surprise is coming too.  So keep coming back and visit me here on my little blog.


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