Convention Swaps – Moving Forward

These are some of the swaps I created for the Stampin’ Up! Convention this year.  I used the Moving Forward stamp set.  Which was one of our Prize Patrols on the last day of Convention!  Since I didn’t make 3000 of these I know not everyone got one of my swaps but everyone at convention needs an idea for this set because now we all have it.  So here you go!

This set is the Ronald McDonald House Charity stamp set for this year.  And this year Stampin’ Up! will be donating $3 from the sale of each set.  How exciting is that!  I miss volunteering at the house.  Our schedules have been a bit messed up or there weren’t enough families at the house (that is actually a good thing!) for us to come.  Once the fall gets here I hope that we get back on a regular schedule with the house so that we can go stamp with the kids and the families each month.

These may look a little familiar since I based my swap on my Color Challenge card for Create with Connie & Mary from the week before convention.  I still had the stamp set out and all the colors and thought I should just make cards with all the images.  Look how cute they turned out.  You can read more about that card HERE – these swaps are a little bit simpler just because I made so many and needed to eliminate a couple of steps.  Come back tomorrow for this weeks new challenge.

So used to on my blog if someone left a comment I got an email and then I could reply back to the person.  I try to do that.  But now I don’t seem to be getting those emails anymore!  So if I didn’t reply to you that was why.  I’m going to try to go back through the comments from the past few weeks and reply back to you guys.  Thanks for the comments – I do read them and love getting them.

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2 thoughts on “Convention Swaps – Moving Forward

  1. Thanks for the lovely card samples. I also received this set for free because I am lead for the Miami House. Since I received another set at convention, my plan is to give it to my side line buddy, who couldn’t make it to convention this year. She’s a RMDH team member. There are three of us and are receiving much more than we give. What a wonderful charity!
    Just a short story: when I stood up as lead for the RMDH, a young woman, Jennifer, behind me asked about the program, since she and her son used the facility last year. I explained about it briefly. I then asked how her son was; he had died. We as sympathetic ears are so helpful to the parents, along with the creative comfort of the crafts with the children and their families. If you can involve yourself and your team members, do so.
    Stasia Todd

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