Petite Pocket Treat Tutorial

Finally I have the tutorial ready for my on stage presentation at the Stampin’ Up! Chattanooga Regional.  I didn’t mean for it to take so long.  But with lots going on and trouble with our internet connection for the last week it just didn’t happen any sooner.  But I have it ready now and you still have time to make the Halloween version or try one of the other versions.

Here is another picture of my project in case you forgot because it has been so long –

Googly Ghouls Halloween treat bags

CLICK HERE to get the tutorial on how to make these cute little treats.  And if you want to see my post from the regional presentation – click here.

Have a great day!



One thought on “Petite Pocket Treat Tutorial

  1. These were so cute on the Regional Video, I had to come looking for you. These are just perfect to put in the 50 Christmas stockings we’ll have at the reunion this year. And I always have plenty of the paper, that’s for sure. Great job, and great idea! 😉

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