Our Thanksgiving Visitor

As we finished eating our Thanksgiving meal we had a visitor come to the backyard.

hawk-7There was a hawk sitting on the fence rail.  And he was there for a long time.  He was over by the driveway so I grabbed my camera and snuck out the front door and quietly went around the house to where he was.

hawk-6I carefully approached him while I took pictures until we just had one car between us.  I guess I was a bit to close and he hopped from the rail up to the post at the corner.



Then he got comfortable again lifting up one leg and tucking it under his body.  He sat there for some time and finally flew up into one of the trees.  I did get a lot of great pictures.


hawk-2I’m pretty sure this is a Cooper’s Hawk.  And I believe that he (I guess it could be a she) has been in this area for several years.  I see him periodically but never has he stayed so long – usually he just passing through our yard.


I hope you enjoy these photos.



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