Virtual MDS Crop

How do you get together with people all over the world and hold a crop?  You use something that connects people from all over the world together – Facebook.  Earlier this year when all of our Digital crops kept getting cancelled due to bad weather Cindy and I decided to hold a Virtual Crop using Facebook.  I set up a group called MDS Virtual Digi Crop.

Then we invited our friends that use My Digital Studio and normally come to our digital crop plus some others that didn’t seem to ever make it in person.  We picked a time and had our first Virtual MDS Digi Crop.  It was so much fun we wanted to do it again.  So our second one was held on March 18th and we invited more people and talked a bit about on our social networks and this time we had people joining us from not just all over the US but around the world!! How exciting is that!!!  Lara joined us from Ireland, Lisa R. popped in to say hi from Japan!  Plus our local folks and then others from various states across the US.  It was so exciting to have everyone play along.

So I thought I would share about it here on my blog (and I may have already mentioned back when we did it the first time) but now I’m inviting you to join our group too!  The plan for now is to do this once a month and our current date for the next one will be April 15.  But the group is open all the time and I’m going to do a bit of organizing so you can see the challenges and play along at any time.  For the March event we had two challenges – mine was to create a Facebook Cover photo using at least 2 photo boxes and a custom sized project – it could be for your personal Facebook page or a business one (or make one for each).   Here is mine for my personal page.

Facebook Covers-Mar

And now that I have the perfect custom sized project I’ll be able to easily create something new whenever I want.  And so will everyone else that played along.  Everyone loved the challenge.

The second challenge was Cindy’s and she wanted us to use the Freeform Line tool and the Freeform Brush tool.  She shared some instructions and links to videos.  We had some minor technical difficulities with those links – but if you went directly to My Digital website they ran fine from there.  I was so busy answering questions, saying hi as people joined, liking and commenting as people finished that I nearly didn’t get Cindy’s challenge done.  I had a first version right as we were ending but then posted an update version that I liked better.  I’ll probably do a little more tweaking to it but it’s generally done.

2013 Family Book-019

Perhaps you would like to join us next time.  If so you can ask to join our group on Facebook and when we have the next Event you will get an invite to it.  I hope to see you there!



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  1. So sorry to be the grammar police, but since it’s digital it won’t be hard to change: brothers (the plural) doesn’t have an apostrophe. But besides that, I can’t wait to join your crop! I’ll like your page on Facebook and there we’ll be! Thanks for all you share.

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