There is new life in the yard!

I wanted to update you on the baby bluebirds.  They hatched!

This picture is from Thursday – March 27th.

new born babies 3-27

Mom was keeping them warm most of the day and dad was flying around peeking in the house.  It reminded me of what an expectant father would be doing. Pacing around outside and then looking in – “are they here yet?”  I watched for them both to leave so I could sneak in and snap a quick picture.

And look at the change in just one day – their little necks are now lifting those heads and they are opening those big beaks!

hungry babies 3-28

hungry babies 3-28 b

Theses two pictures are from today Friday March 28th.  The babies will change a lot and I’m to keep taking pictures of them for the next few days until I leave to go on a scrapbook crop for a long weekend.  I’ll be posting daily on Facebook but probably won’t post these pictures every day to my blog.  So if you aren’t already you may want to LIKE my Facebook Business page – Stamping Together at Monika’s Place.  According to Facebook my next milestone is to get 500 likes – are you one of them already?  If not hop on over and get yourself on their.  I do post stuff to Facebook that doesn’t get posted on my blog.

On another note today is the first day of Ryan’s spring break.  Well his really started VERY EARLY this morning!  At 4AM!  He is going with the high school band to Hawaii!  and I dropped him off at the school at 4 AM for a LIMO ride to the airport!  How jealous am I!!  He gets to go to Hawaii before me and ride in a limo before me.  How did that happen?

ryan limo to hawaii

When we first planned this trip I assumed the whole group was leaving from the school.  Boy was I surprised when they told us we had to meet them at the airport at 5 AM on Friday morning – yikes!  So when another mom volunteered to set up a limo service to take some of the kids – I was the first one to say “I’m in!.  So it turned out 6 of them went in style arriving at the airport in a LIMO – now that is one way to start spring break your senior year of high school.  They are now on a plane flying to Hawaii – about another hour or so and they should be landing.

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