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My Project Life by Stampin’ Up! products arrived late yesterday (Friday).  I had stamp club and briefly pulled them out to show everyone.  Today (Saturday) is actually National Scrapbook Day and I am spending some time this afternoon thinking about where to start. I’ve looked at Project Life from a distance – knowing that it wasn’t Stampin’ Up! Products not our colors, etc. I didn’t want to buy any of it.  But now….that’s not the case.  And I can dive right in!

First I pulled out all my new stuff to take a look at what I got….








Now what pictures should I start with.  The concept of Project Life is documenting your life – your everyday life – the stories and happenings that I think we actually missed before we had digital cameras.  Used to it cost money to take a photo and I think we were very careful about what we took a picture of – we (or at least I did) stuck to holidays, birthdays, significant life events but not really some of the everyday stuff.  But when I think about the stories that I tell they are often the very things I didn’t ever take a picture of.  I have lots of funny stories about my boys but really no pictures to go with them.  Kyle disassembled the high chair when he was about 3, Tyler fell asleep in a bowl of spaghetti, Ryan when he broke his tooth.  These were before we had the digital cameras and I don’t have pictures!  But I wish I did now.

So I need to jump right in.  All in I think is the way to do it. And I think my life is boring and I wouldn’t have much to write about from week to week.  But I sat down and looked at my week.  There really were a bunch of note worthy things and when I look at my iPhone I have many pictures from this week and even have some on my big camera too.  That’s it.  I’m in!!

I have a Walgreen’s app on my phone that lets me send the pictures right from there to them to print in about 1 hour!  I selected 18 photos and they are printing NOW!.  We are going to dinner and I’ll pick them up on the way home.  And when I get back I plan to document this week!  I’m so excited!




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  1. I think about how much I look forward to your posts every afternoon and I KNOW you have a busy and interesting life. Just think of the birds! I also think there are ways of documenting what we don’t have pictures of: I will think of Tyler every time I see a bowl of spaghetti now. Have fun!

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