A Twisted Smile!

Today’s card is called a Twisted Easel card.  Sue demonstrated this style of card at my last team meeting.  And then I decided to make a version using the A Little Smile stamp set for one of my classes.


It’s a standard sized card with a diagonal score line across the front flap so that you can fold it.  Then you need a raised element on what would be the inside of the card.  That is so you can tuck the fold front behind it and it can stand up on your desk.  This one is fun and bright and I think would be perfect on a work desk to give you a smile every time you see it!  So maybe you can make one for a friend and brighten their day!


Since it is still a standard size card – just un-tuck the front and fold it flat to slide it in an envelope.  The trick with the front is that it needs to be as long as the card is wide – so in this case 4-1/4″ – so you can see when folded flat the front is shorter than the back.

twisted-smile-3Here are the supplies: