Stamping night in Utah Mountains

Thursday night during convention I had the special privilege of being invited to stamp with my 4th level upline (Sandy Hancock) and my 5th level upline’s (Margaret Goodfellow) house.  And when I got there my second level upline (Kathy Thorn) was there too!  What an exciting chance to be with them all.   It’s my Stampin’ Up! Family and its always exciting to me to think it goes directly to the top.  Margaret is demo #1 and Shelli’s Aunt – she is the first demonstrator!  Also there was demo #2 Janet Baker – she is also Shelli’s Aunt.

She has a beautiful home in the Utah mountains and there were about 20 of us there.  We had a wonderful dinner and then went down to her stamp room for some card making fun.  Everybody made 4 different cards.  I’ll get photos of those and post later.  For now here are some pictures from the evening.

2014 07 17 072

most of the group – it seems a few more people arrived after we took this group photo.

2014 07 17 075

View from the porch

2014 07 17 077

one side of the craft room. One card station was on the counter under the quilt. Another was at the table on the left. The Big Shots were under the window on the right.

2014 07 17 078

The other side of the craft room. two more tables with card projects on them. And a wall full of display shelves and baskets of supplies.

2014 07 17 086

I wanted to catch the sunset over the mountains but got busy stamping and forgot – so I was a little late…

2014 07 17 089

Kathy Thorn and me

2014 07 17 091

Janet, me and Margaret

2014 07 17 094

Sandy and me

2014 07 17 097

It was getting dark but the flowers were beautiful at the front of the house

We had quite the adventure driving and returning the rental car.  Sandy rented the car and took 7 of us in it.  I navigated on the way home and then got us through downtown Salt Lake City and through the concert traffic from Pioneer Park, over to the Radisson to drop off a few of the girls, then back to find a gas station and the rental car place.  Then we walked from there back to the hotel.

It was a fun evening and I hope to be invited back again.  I wish I had taken a picture of dinner – it was delicious and also of everyone stamping.

Thanks for stopping by come back again!