Alaska Day 1 – Fairbanks – the rest

To finish up our first full day in Alaska we left the Riverboat and got on our tour bus.  There were 34 people in our group.  We drove out to see the Alaska Pipeline or the Alyeska Pipeline.  Greg was tall enough to touch the pipe –  me not so much.  The things that go through the pipe are called pigs – they help improve the flow of oil through the pipeline.

2014 08 25 0762014 08 25 0712014 08 25 0732014 08 25 072This photo shows what the pig looks like inside the pipe.  On the far left of the photo is an old retired pig – it was a scraper pig that they used when they first open the pipeline.  Now they use the other one to help smooth the oil as it flows through.

We got back on our bus – her name was Sable.  I thought it was odd to name the bus – but then you go somewhere and you see a whole line of buses and they all look the same and then you are glad that you know the name of your bus.

2014 08 25 083

We headed to downtown Fairbanks for lunch and then a visit to the Cultural & Visitors Center.  We found a BBQ restaurant – the northern most southern BBQ – it was good!

2014 08 25 086

2014 08 25 0852014 08 25 0902014 08 25 099

2014 08 25 101

And then we ended our evening at a Salmon Bake.  The weather was nice while we were in the city and at the Salmon Bake we even sat outside to eat dinner.

2014 08 25 1202014 08 25 1232014 08 25 1222014 08 25 133A busy day for us.  And that was just the first day!