Alaska Day 3 – Helicopter & Glacier Landing

I’m back to share more about our Alaska trip – Day 3 we decided to take an extra excursion in the Denali Park area – a helicopter flight and Glacier Landing!  Quite the exciting excursion!  I was a bit unsure about the helicopter – I’d never been in one before and wasn’t sure what it would be like – I’m not a roller coaster person and was thinking it would be something like that.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was NOT at all like a roller coaster.  And perhaps it depends on the pilot but ours was great and the flight was so smooth.  I sat in the front by the door on the right.  Greg was in the back in the center but said he could see without any problems.  There were 3 couples plus our pilot – 3 of us in the front and 4 people in the back.

Our adventure began at the heliport on the Nenana River.  Everyone had to be weighed so they could put us in the helicopter and keep everything in balance.  They also gave us special glacier boots to wear over our regular shoes.

2014 08 27 0072014 08 27 0122014 08 27 064It was another rainy sort of day with lots of cloud cover.  Up on the glacier it was snowing.  I have photos to post now and some videos I’ll post later once I can get them loaded to youtube.

2014 08 27 0142014 08 27 0172014 08 27 018The area we were in was Yanert Icefield and Mt. Deborah.  According to our pilot who has been flying these trips all summer  – the glacier that he took us too has only had around 20 people on it all year.  Once we landed and he turned off the helicopter and we got out it was incredibly quiet up there.  So peaceful.

2014 08 27 020

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Looking at these pictures it was like having summer, fall and winter all in one morning!  I hope you are enjoying the photos of our trip.  There is still lots more to come!


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  1. I’m loving your pics and the narrative with them. My husband and I are planning a trip to Alaska next year, so I am happy to read about the things you did.

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